Reza Malek, Managing Director, Dusseldorf | Neo@Ogilvy Worldwide

Reza Malek
Managing Director, Dusseldorf
Our mission as a digital agency is to find the right combination of media and technology partners to drive our clients’ business results. That means working with a wide range of partners and understanding the latest innovations in a rapidly evolving space.

We feel that it is crucial for a digital agency to take an agnostic approach to both media and technology. This allows us to work with best in class providers in any given area, both technologically and geographically. As a global agency, we take a global view of partnerships, and strive to ensure that each region has the tools and resources they need to service clients and operate effectively at a local level.

Neo tries hard to work with technology firms as partners, not just suppliers, so that we’re first to market with newly developed digital offerings and custom client solutions. As we evaluate who our clients need to work with, we bring expert specialists to the table to understand current capabilities, product roadmaps and new applications of a particular offering.
Of course, we do far more than help clients choose the right partners. We work tirelessly to get the best prices in the marketplace, leveraging the scale of the WPP network whenever appropriate. We draft agreements that recognize the complexities of a rapidly evolving landscape, maximizing the protection for our clients’ brands, their data and their investments.


As digital marketing investment consultants, Neo seeks to update clients on the issues of the day, the people they need to be talking with and the risks they need to manage.