Technology and Data

Randi Cohen
Head of Analytics
Technology is a crucial component of a new marketing world where every action has at least one data point. Smart marketers are no longer beholden to measuring ROI against a “last click”, and are trying to make sense of huge troves of real-time engagement and transaction data. Making sense of this confusion is a marketing problem that requires technology at a massive scale.

Any agency can use a data partner to manage some of this information, but Neo has built an operation that can synthesize this data independently. By putting together building blocks of data, feeds, visualizations, tools and a robust hardware infrastructure, we have the flexibility to drive solutions according to client requirements rather than being bound by canned vendor sales pitches.

Our industry is rapidly moving towards a future state where campaign activity, first-party data, and CRM records are merged into a real-time data network that spans all systems across a company’s operations.

We’re helping clients organize and relate their data with an eye to ever-increasing complexity, where any transaction can be analyzed in the context of a separate interaction. Those marketers who learn how to manipulate this data will have an inherent advantage over slower moving competitors.

Performance marketing is the business of creating and aligning new sets of data in a profitable way. At Neo, marketing, analytics and technology experts are constantly feeding off one another to deliver new solutions and revenue streams.