POV: The Trade Desk + White Ops: Landmark Ad Fraud Partnership

The Trade Desk and White Ops recently announced that they have formed a partnership to reduce ad fraud. Effective October 1, White Ops’ Human Verification technology will scan every bid request sent to The Trade Desk to determine whether there is a human on the other end of the impression. In this POV, we share more details about what this means for our industry and our clients.

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POV: Podvertising

Podcast advertising — podvertising — is growing from an emerging channel to a trusted and effective digital platform. In this POV, we share more details about what this means for our industry and our clients.

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POV: Google Chrome Ad Filter

Google has confirmed details of an ad blocker/filter in the new version of Chrome launching in 2018, which is big news coming from the developer of the most widely used web browser. In this POV, we share more details about what this means.

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What you should know about Affiliate Marketing

A Q&A with Patricia Marange, Account Director, Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, along with search, is the one marketing tactic most used by the world’s leading commerce brands, yet it is the least understood by marketers at large.

To help make sense of Affiliate Marketing, we sat down with Patricia Marange, an Account Director in our LA office. Patricia, leads our Affiliate Team in the US, which is part of a best in class global practice.

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POV: Ads.txt

The Interactive Advertising Bureau recently announced a new tool in the fight against counterfeit inventory: ads.txt. The IAB has recommended ads.txt as a solution to increase buyer confidence that the media inventory purchased through ad exchanges is correctly represented. In this POV, we go into more detail about what this means.

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POV: Google Marketing Next 2017

Google Marketing Next 2017 took place on May 23. The conference highlighted the product roadmap across the Google suite of advertiser tools including AdWords, Google Analytics and DoubleClick Bid Manager. In this POV, we will go through the key takeaways from the event and what they mean.

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POV: Viewability

Google published a study in November 2014 stating that 56% of the ad impressions that were served — and presumably paid for by advertisers — were never displayed on a screen. Viewability quickly became a metric that a marketer would not only want to measure but one that could also be the main criteria for billing. In this POV, we address what viewability is and and how to leverage it.

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What's New in Attribution

By Jason Chung, Yuanying Huang and Maya Kramer

Attribution identifies and measures the influence that consumer actions, marketing channels,
strategies and tactics have on business outcomes, which can offer extremely valuable insights,
inform your future marketing activities and help you meet the goals. It is at the heart of putting all
marketing tactics in the same playing field to get a true view of performance and offer
opportunities to improve advertising ROI. In this Viewpoint, we will focus on three key trends in attribution: cross-device, social media and integration of top-down and bottom-up attribution analysis.

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POV: FAN Officially Uses Header Bidding

Facebook recently announced that it would officially begin to participate in impression auctions through header bidding tags. This is the latest of many events that point toward the widespread adoption of header bidding as the dominant yield optimization strategy for publishers.

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POV: Facebook Messenger as a Destination for News Feed Ads

By Kaitlin Tambuscio

Facebook recently released three key updates to Messenger, all of which work in conjunction to create a seamless advertising experience between the Facebook News Feed and Messenger. The focus of this update, Messenger as a Destination for News Feed Ads, allows advertisers to serve an ad on Facebook’s mobile or desktop News Feed and direct users to Facebook Messenger to literally continue the conversation instead of linking to an external website. Here, the message can be a predetermined response with a CTA or a conversation can be held with a bot representing the company or service.

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