POV: Facebook Messenger as a Destination for News Feed Ads

By Kaitlin Tambuscio

Facebook recently released three key updates to Messenger, all of which work in conjunction to create a seamless advertising experience between the Facebook News Feed and Messenger. The focus of this update, Messenger as a Destination for News Feed Ads, allows advertisers to serve an ad on Facebook’s mobile or desktop News Feed and direct users to Facebook Messenger to literally continue the conversation instead of linking to an external website. Here, the message can be a predetermined response with a CTA or a conversation can be held with a bot representing the company or service.

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POV: Snapchat Ads

By Arnaud Vanhemelryck and Michael Bruckstein

Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application that launched in 2011. The app allows users to create multimedia messages (photos or short videos) and direct them privately or publicly to selected contacts. Users also have the opportunity to chat through the app and discover branded content. Marketers have access to unique advertising products specific to the use of the app. Snapchat has grown exponentially and the audience continues to grow. We advise brands to be where their target audiences are when appropriate.

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POV: Periscope

By Arnaud Vanhemelryck

Periscope is a free service that offers the ability to discover and broadcast live video to the world by going live instantly and notifying followers. Periscope is now available for paid amplification, which launched recently, and is displayed as a streaming video with autoplay within the Twitter feed. Even though live video is still in the early stages and Periscope is one of the more established live video services, competitors in the space are increasing. We recommend keeping track of Periscope’s progress and gauging its features with ascending competition to determine if it is the right option to use for your campaigns.

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POV: Instagram Algorithm

By Arnaud Vanhemelryck

Following its self-serve advertising feature and taking a page from parent company Facebook, Instagram is adding an algorithm that reorders content in users’ feeds based on interests rather than simple chronology. The algorithm update will definitely impact the way brands are posting organically. Instagram is going to update this algorithm in the following months but no specific deadline has been communicated.

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Athletes are taking control of their brand destiny

By Daniel Jeydel

The mass customization of content is a double-edged sword. On one hand, there is a massive benefit to advertisers who can personalize messaging in 2016 to a degree that is without precedent. But on the other hand, it is becoming more challenging to aggregate a large audience around a single topic at scale.

At a SXSports panel moderated by Neo@Ogilvy’s Daniel Jeydel, Vernon Davis (Denver Broncos), Anna Rawson (LPGA and PXG) and Anthony Rodrigez (Lineage) took a deep dive into the only form of content that unites audiences at scale: sports. Indeed, the people that star in sports content — athletes — are realizing that their influence can be monetized through innovative new platforms.

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POV: Google Right-Rail Ad Removal

By Matt Meadow

Google recently made a significant change and removed the right-hand side ads (RHS) from the search engine results page (SERP). This update will affect both paid and organic search marketers. Long-term impact will be assessed after more data comes in on fluctuations to our client campaigns.

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Ad Blocking: The Current Landscape and The Road Ahead

By Pete Meyers and Alejandro Correa

In this Viewpoint, we provide an assessment of ad-blocking technology, address the potential
benefits and challenges for consumers, publishers and marketers, and share our perspective on
how it will evolve.

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Neo@Ogilvy's Brian Jolson and Emma Cockburn Win 2015 Google Search Excellence Award!

We are thrilled to announce that Brian Jolson, Group Search Director, and Emma Cockburn, Media Director, were each presented with the 2015 Google Search Excellence Award.

The Google Search Excellence Awards are given annually to the Top 10 individuals at Google’s partner advertising agencies to highlight their excellent work and thought leadership in search marketing. The award is based on nominations from Google sales teams and winners are selected by a panel of Google sales management.

Both Emma and Brian have positively influenced our client business. We are so proud to have two of our search leaders recognized in Google’s Top 10.

They celebrated with the rest of this year’s winners at Googlepalooza, Google Chicago’s annual client appreciation event, on July 30, 2015.

Congratulations Emma and Brian!

Google Search Excellence 2015 2

Demystifying the Private Marketplace

By Alex Andreyev, Vishal Taneja, Alejandro Correa

The private marketplace (PMP) offers benefits from direct and programmatic buying methods. Currently, most publishers offer PMPs and content owners aggressively promote them to buyers. In this Viewpoint, we address what a PMP is and offer information to help readers determine if PMPs fit in their digital media strategies.

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Google Chrome HTML5 Transition

Flash banners are making headlines. The latest Chrome desktop beta will now automatically pause Flash content that is not “central” to the web page. This change, rolling out in early September 2015, will impact how users engage with standard Flash advertising banners served though Chrome browsers.

Chrome represents approximately 40% of desktop browser activity in North America, making it paramount that advertisers are prepared for this update.

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