Bing Converts Its Device Targeting

By Emma Cockburn

In April 2014, Bing announced that Bing Ads would be more compatible with Google Enhanced campaigns to help with streamlining imports to its system. The ability to optimize at the device level would remain. Microsoft Bing has communicated that this will change in September 2014.

Below are the current device targeting options available in Bing Ads.


Laptop/desktop and tablet traffic will be combined across the Yahoo Bing Network. Bid modifiers will mirror the main feature of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns that was launched in June 2013. The Yahoo Bing Network has recognized that the bid modifiers will be able to range from -20% to +300%, which will help advertisers reach their audiences while optimizing effectively. This change will impact any market where Bing has a presence.

Below are the new options for device targeting that will be available in September 2014.


Bing also announced other changes that will go into effect in the first half of 2015. Currently, advertisers have the option to create separate mobile-targeted campaigns. Bing will no longer support the ability to create these mobile specific campaigns. Bing will convert even further into the Google Enhanced Campaigns but only allow the bid multiplier of -100% to +300%, which is the biggest different from Google Enhanced Campaigns. This change will make Bing 100% compatible with Google Adwords — until Google rolls out some other new change, which is bound to happen.

If history has shown us anything, it is that Bing/Yahoo typically follow in Google’s footsteps (with the only exception being RAIS ads). Google announced Google Enhanced Campaigns in February 2013 and swiftly moved to the new system in June 2013, frustrating many advertisers. SEM people love the ability to have control and many believed that this took our ability to control which ads were showing on which device. Everyone has accepted these changes and assumed that Bing would follow suit. The good news is that this makes things easier for advertisers and means that advertisers will continue to do business with Bing.

It does make me wonder though, will Bing continue to be a laggard behind Google or will it ever step out and innovate?

Emma Cockburn Emma Cockburn is a Search Director at Neo@Ogilvy in New York.






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