Google AdWords Updates

By Gabrielle Nastri

Google shared a number of new product announcements during the AdWords Performance Forum on April 22. Features will be added for both advertisers and search campaign managers. The key points are outlined below.

Innovative Ads
Led by holistic support for apps across all Google products including Search, the Google Display Network (GDN) and YouTube, the goal is to measure conversion across the entire lifecycle of an app (discovery, install and usage). The ad formats will not only be able to drive downloads but also drive users directly to previously downloaded apps. For example, a search for “San Francisco hotels” on a mobile device could display an ad for a hotel aggregator app that is already installed on the user’s device. A click could bring the user into the app environment instead of to a less-than-ideal mobile site experience.

Targeting will be available using Google’s network and its access to Google Play data. This will include suggesting search terms that are specifically used in Play as well as targeting users on GDN and YouTube TrueView based on past app activity with display or video ads.

Conversion reporting is taking a step beyond Google’s estimated conversions functionality. Google shared a case study that reported a 102% increase in return on ad spend for a retailer after utilizing Google offline data tracking. The actual methodology and technology was not clear but we expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

This is an important area for Google to invest in as retailers look to prove incremental value beyond online-only conversions.

Intelligent Tools
There are a number of new features that will certainly be of interest to search managers.

1. Bulk Actions — Bulk edits can be made within AdWords UI. Users no longer have to rely on third parties and/or AdWords Editor.

2. Automated Bidding — Smarter bidding based on advertiser’s efficiency or volume goals (more in line with third-party management tools).

3. Enhanced Reporting — Multi-dimensional analysis by providing a drag-and-drop pivot table within the AdWords UI including all available live data with high-quality graphs and visualizations. This reduces the need for the manager to spend time downloading reports and formatting in a spreadsheet.

4. Drafts and Experiments — Ability to stage and test optimizations. Apply the draft once you see the expected outcomes or you compare the percentage of live data against norms to make more informed decisions.

As with all significant industry changes, Neo@Ogilvy teams will be active participants in learning and testing these new features as it relates to our clients.

Gabrielle Nastri Gabrielle Nastri is a Search Planner at Neo@Ogilvy in New York.

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