Has Your Customer Gone Mobile, or Just Rogue?

By Sean Muzzy

The following post originally appeared on IBM’s Smarter Commerce blog.


Marketers love predictability. And because there are now roughly 5.7 internet-connected devices per household (NPD group, March 2013), predictability is increasingly elusive. Your customers are switching between devices to listen to music, watch video, take and share pictures, play games, communicate, oh, and shop. And the introduction of these devices is not having a replacement effect, households are only becoming more “online” with digital time spent continuing to rise, representing more than 43% of major media time spent (as reported by eMarketer in July 2013).

The good news is that these changes in consumer behavior are creating tremendous opportunities for improving your relationship with customers. The key is to collect and analyze data around when different activities are occurring and where they are taking place. Is your customer searching and shopping in the office on a PC and then buying on their tablet at home? Or are they making that purchase through an app on the train ride home in the evening? Increasingly, making sense of your customers’ “rogueness” will rely heavily on making sure that you are developing a complete picture of their interactions with you.

Today, the anecdotes that marketers are now sharing are so exciting. For example, email, once a channel on decline, has become an important tool for commercial purposes. This is mostly due to improved spam filtering and a shift of personal communications to text and social media. One thing is predictable, you must constantly understand your customer’s behavior and update your experience accordingly.

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