Display Media

Daniele Kohen, Media Management, Los Angeles | Neo@Ogilvy

Daniele Kohen
Media Management, Los Angeles
Digital display media has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the advertising market in recent years. As clients become more sophisticated in the way that they measure success and attribute value, we’re able to use a variety of display tactics to activate media ideas which span both brand and performance objectives.

We’ve moved away from monolithic processes of buying inventory at the lowest CPMs. There’s a tremendous interest in video, especially in the last eighteen months. We’ve seen pre-roll and post-roll, mobile, and in-banner formats perform well, but much of the value comes properly negotiating usage rights. Ultimately, we’re trying to maximize scale of our program, and that means talking to media partners about price and value.

Internationally, buying display media is somewhat different. Take China, which is on par with what we can do creatively, but where basics like adserving are hard to come by. You need to have experts in those markets to help ensure that the display campaign is contextually relevant, meaningful for the target audience and measured effectively.

We like to position our brands as publishers, so we really value partners who come to the table with something unique.