Sacha Xavier, Mobile & Innovation | Neo@Ogilvy

Sacha Xavier
Mobile & Innovation, North America
Mobile marketing strategies have taken on a completely different profile than they had even a year ago. As wireless usage and connectivity grow, so do the options that we can present to our clients. We’re fortunate to be able to test different solutions across a variety of industries, and go back to our clients with quantifiable learning and informed opinions.

Most of our clients have put several mobile marketing campaigns into market at this point. To seize the day with mobile, we continually remind ourselves that consumers want their information on demand; content must be served up in a way that recognizes their mobility and adds value.

The size of a consumer’s decision is irrelevant. The mobile device has replaced “spare time,” and some people who might have procrastinated a task or a purchase are taking that action when they wait for a friend or an appointment. Others with more active lifestyles consume almost all their content on mobile devices.

We encourage our clients to deeply understand the different ways their customers consume content, and get out there with a utility to serve them in a meaningful way. And we always try to do it quickly, or the idea will no longer be ‘new’ by the time it goes live!

Mobile marketing completely redefines geographic targeting, allowing us to go from insights about anticipated behaviors to triggered interactions based on observed behavior.