Brian Argyropoulos, Media Management, NYC | Neo@Ogilvy

Brian Argyropoulos
Media Management, NYC
Email marketing campaigns are a valuable component of a digital marketer’s toolkit. The conversion rates that marketers get from a nurtured customer are far higher than a brand new customer, so it’s invaluable for clients to have an opt-in that enables future communication. It also allows us to track the conversion of more complex sales and the value of a customer over the life of their relationship.

List planning is a surprisingly dynamic space. There’s a big play in marrying the levels of data available in existing email databases, third party lists, and social networks. People are offering more information socially, and we’ve seen some interesting data enhancement techniques to learn new things about existing customers.

Our list planning team works closely with the other channels involved in a campaign. Avoiding a siloed mentality helps us minimize duplication and achieve a continuity in messaging that makes a targeted email marketing perform that much more effectively. From here, our work is a classic case of test, learn and scale. We’re all about removing as much risk and media wastage as possible.

Inboxes are full of opportunity. Yet, batch and blast is a dead end. Built from an fully integrated strategy, email is that critical link in end to end performance marketing.