Programmatic Buying

Scott Lepkofker, Programmatic Buying, NYC | Neo@Ogilvy

Scott Lepkofker
Programmatic Buying, NYC
The evolution of the digital landscape allows agencies to have play a bigger role in the media buying process. Real-time Bidding (RTB) is fundamentally changing the way we buy media.

We have built the infrastructure in-house in order to capitalize on this platform-based approach and our Programmatic specialists work with the industry’s top technology companies to buy media in a smarter way than we ever have before.

We firmly believe that the control, transparency and insights that we generate by operating in this way not only sets us apart in the marketplace, but truly provides a unique type of value for our clients, as well as a view into what drives their business that they’ve never seen before.

We leverage best-in-class technologies to create custom solutions for each client’s individual needs.