Paid Search Marketing

Brian Jolson, Search Management, NYC | Neo@Ogilvy

Brian Jolson
Search Management, NYC
Paid search gets a lot of attention from our clients. It is not just because they’re interacting with people who are ready to take action, but that the keywords searchers use are also representative of the ways which people think. Smart marketers realize that the complexity of consumer thought and the total transparency offered as the hallmarks of search are quickly being applied to other media formats.

We are seeing that search marketing is beginning to morph into other channels. Social search ties keyword type insights to the social graph, and display buys are starting to leverage similar planning parameters. Mobile search, image search, video search are all coming to the forefront right now. The data that exists makes it possible for clients to try things that they might otherwise wait on, as they are already comfortable with the ROI.

We often tell clients that search should be the first dollar that they spend. SEM almost always outperforms other channels at any level of a purchase funnel. But you can’t give search too much credit.
It’s important to look at the way that it ties to other channels to get a more accurate picture of what’s driving performance. Our analytics capabilities enable us to get even more value out of search marketing because we’re able to look at our efforts from an integrated perspective.

Another strength of our offering is the relationships that we’ve built with our partners. By leveraging the strength of our global network and proprietary technology, we are able to test and redeploy new applications and betas at a speed unprecedented in other companies.

As Search Engine Marketing expands and innovates on a global platform of consumers, marketing becomes even more insightful, accountable and personal.