Search Engine Optimization

Jean Philippe Chevret, Search Management, Paris | Neo@Ogilvy

Jean Philippe Chevret
Search Management, Paris
Search Engine Optimization is a critical component of any digital marketing plan. It also generates an extremely high rate of return when it’s properly executed, which means putting the proper measurement processes into place and tying optimization to real revenues.

The SEO field sounds complex, but it can be simplified to some very basic tenets. We know how engines work. We know what generates high click through and conversions. We know what audiences are searching for. The trick is to embed this understanding into our clients’ organizations in a way that minimizes barriers to implementation.

Search technology and usability are pretty good right now, and the engines are continuously becoming more intuitive in the results they return. Yet with all the ways to create rich, engaging content, there’s still a huge gap in what the engines can crawl. Part of our challenge is to help them index dynamic content, so web users are presented with the kind of brand experience that gets them from search to solution as effectively as possible.

“The web is a task-based medium. SEO is fascinating because it helps answer people’s questions.”