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Elayna Tekle, Social Media, NYC | Neo@Ogilvy

Elayna Tekle
Social Media, NYC
The social media space is bristling with innovation right now, with an amazing variety of new ideas coming to market – even within the last couple of months. And as smartphone sales accelerate, we expect to see even more scale as consumers connect with apps and mobile web rather than voice.

Social media is not just a vanity project. With a thought-out strategy and some basic content mapping, brands can get useful content, timely information, and exclusive offers into the hands of their most enthusiastic customers in a turn-key way that builds deeper loyalty and generates measurable interactions. In some respects social channels are beginning to blur the lines with a CRM program, but on the customer’s terms.

Social platforms also generate an amazing amount of user-volunteered information which enables us to target people based on their self-declared interests. We’ve seen a variety of clients successfully distribute content based on their customers’ profiles, conversations or digital behaviors. This has taken the form of text ads, video content, coupons, connectivity… for clients selling products that range anywhere from tin foil to industrial infrastructure.

There’s huge room for growth in social analytics. As we speak, industry leaders are hard at work building better measurement transparency we expect to see in market later this year. For the time-being, we evaluate partners based on the data that they can currently provide as well as their development roadmap they’re working towards. If time permitted, we could take meetings with innovative companies all day. As an agency, we try to steer our clients to partners who can balance an enjoyable user experience with measurable impact against business objectives.

“We actively encourage clients to get into this space, but with a specific social engagement strategy and predetermined goals.”