Stephanie Klester, Media Management, Zurich | Neo@Ogilvy

Stephanie Klester
Media Management, Zurich
Many people talk about traditional media disappearing, but that’s an oversimplification. Whether you’re building awareness or involved in acquisition, Television and DRTV (Direct Response TV) build scale and results quickly. Built from extensive experience and analytics in performance driven television, we plan the right types and amounts of media activity. And our television planning fluidly extends from monitor based video to laptops to mobile devices.

Neo is a digital first company, which is very different from a digital only company or a traditional media agency. It means we can show clients how the channels work together, how to integrate advanced targeting techniques, how to tie in activity to performance data, and how traditional metrics like reach and frequency can be tied to much more granular reporting.
There’s major disruption in the business right now, but not every agency is positioned to drive change for their clients. Whether we talk about the advent of data from set-top boxes or the intersection of social media and TV, there are some really interesting trends that are impacting the way people interact with programming and one another.

The advent of multi-screen viewing is an interesting counterweight to recorded video. People want to see things as they happen and hear what influencers and their friends have to say and at that moment.