Video Advertising

Isa Garcia, Video Management, Philippines | Neo@Ogilvy

Isa Garcia
Video Management, Philippines

Neo’s approach to planning doesn’t start with the tactic, but the target. With the skyrocketing use of online video, it is critical for advertisers to understand how to make effective use of the medium. Consumers spend seconds watching ads, but get really involved with relevant content. We’ve found that turning messaging into content is far more effective than churning out ads, even if it requires a little more strategy and coordination up front.

By combining target insights with an understanding of the technology underlying the space, we help our clients articulate a video strategy that capitalizes on the TV dollars that they already invest. This elevates the importance of digital video – and digital marketing – from an executional component to a strategic pillar of the communications architecture, and into the CMO’s office. This can get clients additional budgets that they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

With all the innovation going on in the video advertising space, there are more ways than ever to do new, interesting, and impactful things. The best way to stay current is to empower the team to see what’s out there. We encourage junior staff to be really active, as they’re often using the technology in the most advanced ways. The key is to train them to ask critical questions so that we can balance innovation and efficiency.

It’s fair to say that the industry is confusing, with so many companies offering so many products, without a truly viable end-to-end solution. That makes it crucial to have a partner who understands how the pieces fit together. It’s possible to operate at scale, but you have to be able to negotiate the right packages and opportunities. Creating value means getting beyond standard ads.

Another strength of our offering is the relationships that we’ve built with our partners. By leveraging the strength of our global network and proprietary technology, we are able to test and redeploy new applications and betas at a speed unprecedented in other companies.

Get beyond the way that YOU use the Internet, and think about your audience.