Affiliate Marketing

Theresa Fromm | Neo@Ogilvy

Theresa Fromm
Affiliate marketing programs are a low risk, high reward way to drive sales and customer acquisition, and are finding their way into more and more marketing plans. Every brand has its advocates, and by giving them a stake in its success, affiliate programs create new customer touch-points and value drivers.

You could argue that affiliate marketing is a microcosm of the digital ecosystem. It encompasses all kinds of channels, and a marketer has to be comfortable giving up a little control. That’s why its advantageous to have an agency partner who can keep a close eye on the program and link this activity to the broader marketing mix.

There are many options for getting started in the affiliate space, and programs can be as large or small as a client wants. But affiliate program success is largely dependent on the analytics and measurement that it’s set up with. This ability to analyze success as part of an integrated campaign tends to yield far better results than a “set it and forget it” mindset.

The affiliate channel has uncapped potential. Why wouldn't you want to participate in a program in which you only pay for results?