Pranav Pandit, Neo@Ogilvy Chicago

Pranav Pandit
Neo@Ogilvy Chicago
Neo applies data and analytics to virtually every decision we make. As a company that puts accountability, optimization and data-driven strategy at the core of our offering, we’re continuously looking for ways to tease insights out of complex data sets in ways that will improve client campaign performance. And while we may consider that digital data is more immediate, we look at all data across all channels.

There are a couple of really interesting topics in the analytics community right now. Attribution seems to be on many marketers’ radar screens right now, and there is a groundswell in new tools to pinpoint how different channels deliver ROI. Our take is that a dashboard, a study or a model will not solve the issue alone; it is much more important to figure out a systematic process that tackles the problem in a way that goes well beyond one-time analysis.
Similarly, the explosion of data is generating some interesting discussions around sources of data, databases and privacy. How does a marketer benchmark activity across different channels? How does a marketer enumerate mobile users or tablet users? How can we take advantage of unique data sets and data marketing platforms (DMPs)? We’re looking at new ways to gauge audience behavior to keep our clients ahead of their competition.

Selling is selling, regardless of the medium. Advanced analytics helps us sell more, more efficiently.