Media Buying

Pamela Russo, Strategic Investment Group, NYC | Neo@Ogilvy

Pamela Russo
Strategic Investment Group, NYC
Media buying at Neo involves far more than achieving a low price for advertising inventory. We’ve built a Strategic Investment Group that focuses on creating value for our clients on a number of fronts. Our team is primarily interested in helping publishers and media partners come to the table with solutions that help our clients achieve their marketing objectives. This can take the form of research, exclusivity, events, innovation or any other currency, but the bottom line is that we want our clients to have the strongest possible toolkit at their disposal.

Like many aspects of marketing, evolving technology has radically changed media buying. By necessity, the tools are more evolved in the digital space, as the surplus of inventory requires a more efficient buying model. But we’re seeing the same principles being applied to traditional mediums like print and out of home. And the innovation doesn’t slow down…our team is constantly evaluating new opportunities.
Neo has been an enthusiastic user of demand side platforms (DSPs) and ad exchanges, but we’re not a siloed trading desk. Unlike traditional media buying agencies, our team doesn’t sit in isolation. We sit at the table with planning, insights, ad operations and are intimately involved in an engagement from brief to stewardship. By bringing an understanding of the technology, and the insights that it can drive for our clients, we’re able to effectively analyze the value of a publisher or partner’s offering.

We are looking for partners to come to the table with sophisticated algorithms, analytics, brand protection and the ability to integrate emerging platforms like mobile with video and rich media creative.