Enterprise Search Consulting

Jeremy Sanchez, Search Management, Bend, OR | Neo@Ogilvy

Jeremy Sanchez
Search Management, Bend, OR
Enterprises are organized to deliver against traditional distribution channels, but search marketing is a far more horizontal discipline that involves people from many departments. Our enterprise search marketing teams focus on embedding best practices, best-in-class tools and common working methodologies across clients’ organizations.

Smart clients are realizing that connecting paid, organic, social and site search makes their firms far more relevant to their customers. Many of those who try to bring this work in house are finding it difficult to hire up-to-date discipline experts who can also manage the complexities of ensuring that different product groups and geographies are fully optimized.

Outsourcing these functions might get results, but it won’t build a company’s expertise and competence. And unless the insights from search are applied to the broader marketing platform, money is being left on the table. We’ve seen that an embedded, ongoing consulting approach has a far more profound impact on a company’s ability to get the most out of SEO and SEM and generate an ongoing return on investment.

With digital marketing, and search marketing in particular, the interdependencies of client and agency are closer than ever. You want to work with someone who gets strategy, execution and operations.