Global Media Strategy

Patty Sachs, Media Management, NYC | Neo@Ogilvy

Patty Sachs
Media Management, NYC
One of the most interesting things about managing global media programs is that digital marketing is often very different from country to country. A magazine plan is a magazine plan no matter where you buy media, but when you’re planning digital media, sixteen countries can give you sixteen very different interpretations of a common strategy. This lack of standardization is a very real challenge to most marketers.

As we help clients manage their global campaigns, we encourage them to take advantage of the scale of their operations. We start with a shared brief and give individual markets a menu of assets that they can customize. We encourage our markets to bring insights forward to drive local innovation combining specialist expertise from different countries. By looking at challenges as a community of problem solvers, teams go beyond just executing and can focus on sharing best practices, improving ideas and transferring learning.

Neo brings a highly differentiated approach to managing a global media plan. There aren’t many agency networks that can combine digital-first thinking with a worldwide footprint. It’s not enough to be able to provide digital expertise from different countries; successful global campaigns almost always hinge on smart strategy and seamless communication.

A strong global digital agency partner delivers ideas, infrastructure and experience from a well-connected network, accelerating a client's ability to succeed in digital marketing.