Media Planning

Sarah Wilson, Media Management, NYC | Neo@Ogilvy

Sarah Wilson
Media Management, NYC
Media planning now is a completely different proposition from the environment we were looking at a couple of years ago, let alone ten years ago. There are so many companies competing to bring smart solutions to marketers that the landscape can feel overwhelming.

There’s a lot of jargon out there, and it’s important to distill all of it into actionable insights for our clients. DSPs (demand side platforms) and DMPs (data management platforms) are the technologies of the moment, and while some marketers might feel intimidated by algorithmic optimization or real time bidding, most find unarguable value in paying the price that the media is worth.

In a way, media planning in a performance marketing framework is like playing chess. There are the fundamentals like an agnostic view of technology along with a test and learn approach; fascinating, real-time inputs that we can use to build a fluid picture of our target audience; and limitless permutations of performance parameters that can make or break a campaign.
We’re constantly evaluating new technologies and media offerings to ensure that we can help our clients apply best practices in their marketing mix. Planners are encouraged to learn, to specialize, to school their peers in what’s working. Our diverse client base allows us to have healthy conversations with each other on which tools are best for each type of client. Every mix of brand and publisher is unique. Every game of chess plays out differently!

Traditional media planning agencies plan TV for the full year ahead. It is impossible for any planner to say with certainty what the digital space will look like in a year from now!