Search Marketing

Eilish Canady, Search Management, North America | Neo@Ogilvy

Eilish Canady
Search Management
Search marketing is a proactive, intent-driven category, and it should play a constructive role in any marketing campaign. Whether the goal is building a brand, filling out a form or driving traffic into a store, search captures the demand that’s generated elsewhere. It’s marketing malpractice not to capture the demand that’s out there before you spend money generating more demand.

As one of the larger global search marketing agencies, we’re able to gather the learnings of our paid and organic search specialists around the world. Every week the space is different, with new features being rolled out in mobile search, video search, social search, search retargeting, addressable search or in the back end in campaign management tools or organic indexing algorithms. Neo has experts attacking problems from so many angles that we’re able to capture learnings quickly, innovate on multiple platforms and service clients at both a local and global level.
Every single member of our team is schooled in the science of test and learn, and is encouraged to test their way into scale. The cost of entry and experimentation is minimal in search compared to other channels. We were among the first agencies to run robust Facebook search programs through automated tools, allowing huge leaps in campaign performance and operational efficiencies. It’s been one of the fastest growth areas for performance marketers looking for results at scale.

We think that search marketing is a good indicator of digital competency. Search provides ultimate transparency. You can often show a client amazing results and fascinating insights, but you have to be able to react to mistakes and failures and rectify them quickly.

Search is a real-time focus group. The social nature of the web makes the channel more relevant than ever.