Performance Marketing Insights: NYC 2013

By Harrison Lasser

Performance Marketing Insights launched its inaugural New York City conference in March 2013. With a rich history of efforts supporting the Affiliate and Performance Marketing industry, the first U.S. event brought together thought-leaders for 25 sessions over two days for a deep dive into what the landscape looks like and what lies ahead.

Harrison Lasser, Digital Media Planner at Neo@Ogilvy, shares his experience at PMI NYC below.

On March 12, 2013, the Performance Marketing Insights (PMI) conference made its first landing in New York City at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square. Originating in the United Kingdom, the PMI conference focuses on the details of affiliate marketing and performance marketing as it pertains to the digital media space.

Spanning two days, the conference covered a variety of different media topics and dimensions including e-commerce, attribution and the digital wallet. Some of the most compelling discussions were centered around social, one in particular moderated by Neo@Ogilvy’s own Ewan Darby, Director of Affiliate Marketing. His panel discussed social’s performance marketing qualities and whether it was a reliable tactic within the sector. Joining him on the panel were several CEOs of leading social agencies including Linkdex, TheFind and F#. Ultimately, social is the driving force behind brand engagement and personal information sharing — an attribute that isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

Facebook is a company we all know well, but advertising through Facebook is a completely separate entity. What is the secret to acquiring profitable customers on Facebook? Marc Grabowski from Nanigans engaged the audience with the basics of the Facebook Exchange and the optimal targeting clients should consider when purchasing media through the site. While reaching new contacts through Facebook isn’t earth shattering, creating the optimal campaign within the interface is something clients and agencies are still trying to come to terms with. By leveraging all of Facebook’s offerings and opportunities, it creates a platform that is less CPA-based and more focused on long-term customer acquisition.

Jorge Ruiz, Director of Media Analytics, also represented Neo at the conference. Jorge discussed the importance of analytics from the agency POV when servicing a client. When working on the agency side, it’s important to know the breadth and depth of your client and it’s vertical. By leveraging this information when setting up campaign analytics, we bring value to the client by providing what makes statistical sense.

Overall, the PMI Conference was a huge success. Aside from the typical networking between new and old friends, engaging discussions honed in on the value of increasing PMI’s role and visibility within the US. By focusing on the concept of performance marketing, we’ll be able to bring efficiency and innovation through social, e-commerce and analytics to our clients.

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