The Keys to Content Marketing Success

This is an excerpt. Read the full interview on OPA inContext.

Daniele Kohen, Media Director, recently shared his views on content marketing with the Online Publishers Association. From clear and relevant communication to selecting the right partners to measuring the right metrics, Daniele highlights the keys to a successful content program.

OPA: What has been the most effective use case for content marketing and how did you prove success?

Daniele_KohenDaniele Kohen: If content marketing started with the notion of having a brand position itself as a publisher to convey trusted and editorial content, then that philosophy has not really changed. What have changed are the end goals and the metrics behind it. Most of the B2B clients we manage at Neo@Ogilvy have used content marketing as a way to generate qualified leads. If the user has shown an interest in engaging with the brand by engaging with a specific piece of content, why not try to establish a longer-term relationship between both brand and user? That could easily be a win-win situation.

Measuring a successful content marketing program is no easy task. Each content program is different from the previous one and, generally, there is a lack of industry benchmarks. Some of the most common metrics tend to be socially driven—shares, likes, comments, etc. These metrics may please digital agency and client teams, but are rarely embraced by the management teams on the client side. However, when you are using content to generate leads and you are then able to drive revenue and attribute that revenue to the source of where that lead was originally generated, then it becomes a very powerful story. At Neo@Ogilvy, we’ve been successful at doing so and results have been outstanding.

This is an excerpt. Read the full interview on OPA inContext.

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