The Value of Mobile Geotargeting

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Geotargeting within mobile display advertisements is most efficient when it provides value to consumers. But the benefit cannot take too much of their time, says Roxanne Gross, media planner at Neo@Ogilvy. She spoke with eMarketer’s Danielle Drolet about client expectations and concerns for mobile efforts with location targeting.

eMarketer: How important is geotargeting in determining the success of mobile display campaigns?

Roxanne Gross: When people are on their phones, they’re waiting around, and they may have some extra time on their hands. Maybe they’re hungry for dinner. If they’re able to look up the nearest location for dinner and make reservations easily, then you’re providing a great service to them. It has to be an experience that users will get something out of. They’ll have a benefit. Maybe it’s a coupon. But it has to be quick. They’re in. They’re out.

eMarketer: How are your clients using geotargeting?

Gross: For many of our clients, it’s used for different reasons depending on the type of client and its objectives. For example, I worked on an effort for a restaurant. Its objective is get people into the restaurants, and it’s measuring [how many came into the restaurant]. It’s important when looking at the results that this client is able to see that list, after being very granularly geotargeted.

On the flipside, I’ve worked on some very direct-response clients where geotargeting is important for a specific target audience. One of theses brands was looking to target specific companies, and geofencing around a certain headquarters was best. Metrics that tie back to that would be important.

This is an excerpt. Read the full interview on

1008632_gross_roxanne_interviewRoxanne Gross is a Media Planner at Neo@Ogilvy.

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